Monday, April 9, 2018

Beside Me

If I walk 1 mile
would you.....
slip my comfortable shoes on my feet
Tie the strings light but firm
Match your stride to my smaller one

If I walk 10 miles
would you.....
sing a sweet tune in my ear
make the long day swim in endearment
and go at my weary pace

If I walk 100 miles
would you......
provide a comfortable shoulder
where I can rest my weary soul
counting the miles as we go

If I walk 1000 miles
would you.....
piggyback me when the road is rough
keep my face forward towards the goal
find i dry place to rest and go

1 mile is a day
10 miles is a year
100 miles is a life
1000 miles is forever

1 mile the day I met you
10 miles the day I loved you
100 miles the day I married you
1000 miles the day I meet you above

Sunday, March 18, 2018


What's the norm
Am I outside of it
Have I grown past it
Is it somewhere far in the sky
Away from me

Again and again
The same old thing

The untouchable
Unspeakably closed
Far off from sight
No more fight

Repeat and Repeat
The same old beat

Unemotionally bound
Unemotionally affected
Emotionally not there
Living emotionally in despair

Over and Over
The same old dream

Unrealistic thought
Perceptions unaligned
Reality benign
Reality an omission
Illusionary disposition

Again and again
Repeat and repeat
Over and Over
The same old thing
The same old beat
The same old dream

Friday, February 23, 2018

Frozen In Time

Mouth covered
Don't be so loud
Ears plugged
No sound

Hear the difference
What's the tone
Is there a voice
Is there a song

Scream loudly
Yet softer still
Silence, Silence, Silence
Deathly still

A tremble
A small shake
Moved to inaction
Lose of fate

Eyes wide
slowly closed
Strong connection
Suddenly froze

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Today, should my heels reach the sky
My waist show a dip
And oh those hips
Yeah, I got hips

Should I show a bright smile
Perfect in a row
Lined in red
The glow
A dip
Perfectly plump

Let's not talk about plump
Oh cause I woman cannot be
Perfectly plump
Perfectly slim
Perfectly trim
But perfectly plump

Chest out
Stomach in
Lips in a perfect pout
Legs that go
And go

Around you
Past you
Eyes that see through you
Large eyes
Long lashes
Dark eyes

Light eyes
Bright eyes
Blank eyes
Sure blank eyes
Just not smart eyes
Intelligent eyes

Seeing eyes
Legs with a purpuse
Heels to walk
Standing straight
Pout of confidence

Perfect me 
Perfect for you
Perfect maybe


Should we hug it out
Put it aside
See past our differences
Make an agreement
Be agreeable

Let's scream, "Lets make a deal"
Or whisper, "Let's work it out"
"I stand here, you go there"
"We are okay"
"Let's all just be civil"
Let those problems slide away

Cause oh
Ain't that a slippery slippery slope
Or are you a slippery slippery person
Oh, apologies
I forgot to say we
You and I

We can let that slide Clyde
Cause oh
In case you didn't know
Clyde does like to slide
Slippery slippery slide
Slide past .....

Let's say no more
Cause as we were taught
The past is in the past
And there's nothing we can do about it, right
It doesn't matter
Cause its in the past

Be agreeable
Make an agreement
See past our differences
Put it aside
Should we hug it out

But it still hurts

Da De Di

Is it the way she smiles
The way the air around her seems light
When she walks in the room
Bubbling with joy
Skipping to an imaginary beat
Facing the world as if it worked for her

Her friends say they love her
Her life seems a dream
And you think there is nothing she must want
How can she want when everything is perfect
Perfect for her
Perfect World

She doesn't have to try, want,  hurt
Cause the world comes to her
It bends for her
Calls for her
Skips to her tune
Da de di da de dum
That's her drum

Her world
Her dream
Her life
But then there is bump
A little tap that went tick
A tick that became a tak

Then it entered her dream
That dream that was her life
The life that made the world

The tak took
The tak turned
That dream polluted
The life polluted
Her world polluted
heavy air
the skip pushed to a crawl

No more
Da de di da de dum, her drum
Da de tick
Da de di tak
No more Da de di da de dum

Monday, February 27, 2017

Can you hear me?

Should I scream
With silence I've learned I'm not heard

Should I whisper
Will the softness of my tone make you consider

Can you hear it
Beating the rhythm, that sad blues

Blues singing jazz
Do you like the tune

If I sway my hips
Will your hearing improve

The swish of satisfaction
I see you like those moves

But if all you hear is the swish
Do you hear my tune
Or do you only hear that sad sad blues